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Wednesday, May 25

Yes Mum, despite leaving home and having my own separate life, you just come and interfere all you like.

I have a predicament, and it involves parents. I don't see much of my Dad, and he rang me the other day, cuz my Mum had told him we should see more of each other. I was so pissed off at my Mum, cuz I am more than old and mature enough to sort out my own personal relationships, and she just shouldn't have. So I told her today that I was annoyed and there was little to no reaction from her. Does she honestly think I'm 9, not 19?

I know my Dad doesn't want much to do with me and he knows that I don't want much to do with him. Why, why, why do parents insist on playing happy families? Is this normal parent behaviour?

I think if my Dad wanted to see that much of me, he wouldn't have fucked off five years ago and had a heap more kids. It was a horrible conversation. Him: 'How are you?' Me: 'Yes yeah, I am still alive, glad you remembered, hows the baby factory going?'. My parents hate each other. Is it that bad that my Mum has to ring him up and insist he calls me? It was better left alone.