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Friday, May 27

What night is not improved by a bit of The Swayze?!

I did my last exam!!!!!!

It was my Spanish oral, and I said the worst thing: Me gusta Venezuela porque la cerveza esta barato y los muchachos son hermoso.

My tutor didn't look impressed.

Then I was bad. I went shopping. I spent £53 in Elizabeth Arden, very, very bad! Then look what I found:

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And I ate them all.

I made an end of exams/beginning of summer cd. Here it is....

The Boys of Summer- The Ataris- best song ever
California- Phantom Planet- well I'm not in the oc, but I can pretend
Last Summer- Lost Prophets- good summer song
She's Electric- Oasis- cuz I am!
Dakota- Stereophonics- Kelly Jones is hot
Californication-Red Hot Chilli Peppers- yeah so I'm obsessed with California and Anthony Kiedis is hot
The Day We Caught The Train- Ocean Colour Scene- britpop rules
Rio- Duran Duran- I love Duran Duran!!!!! and Simon le Bon is still hot
Summer of 69- Bryan Adams- just because
Super Duper Love- Joss Stone- this cd did not leave my car last summer
Beautiful- Snoop and Pharrel- reminds me of Venezuela and Pharell is hot
Crazy In Love-Beyonce- I don't care who hates her
True- Jaimeson- can't beat a bit of uk garage
Ooh Wee- Mark Ronson- good to dance to
Move Your Body- Nina Sky- latin pride!!!!!
Romeo- Basement Jaxx- I listen to this far too much
The Time Of My Life- Bill Medley and Jennifer- oh like I need to explain!
9 to 5- Dolly Parton- whats not to love?
Nasty Girl- Destiny's Child- put it on in a club and laugh at the sluts

Yeah say what you like about my music taste, but that's my soundtrack for the weekend. My flatmate gave me evils when I saw her earlier. I have played so far, today, Best of Bon Jovi, Appetite For Destruction (Guns n Roses), and Best of Aretha Franklin. I sang along to all three Cds probably louder than was necessary. I think 'Always' tested her patience somewhat.

I have so much to celebrate. I made it through first year, I went to all my exams, I'm broke and single. But most importantly, the Spice Girls are playing at Hyde Park this summer!!!! Oh my holy mother fucking god if don't go to London and see them then I may never get over it. The Spice Girls were a vital part of my early adolescence. I had the platform trainers! The union jack dress! I was only 10 so it didn't matter! Have you ever felt so proud to be British?!

Tonight they better play 'Summer of '69', I want to be drinking something vile and blue, singing about 'the best days of our life', and I expect tonight will end with me and Sophie clutching each other, declaring our love when they play that Dirty Dancing song. I may not have my own all-dancing, all-looking-hot-when-wet Swayze, but I have the best friends in the world.

Anyway, I'm going to watch Dirty Dancing, then have the cd on and get ready for tonight. Can you believe I've done a whole year of my degree?! Snaps for me!

And I have a bottle of vodka that isn't going to drink itself- have a good weekend!!