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Monday, May 9

Utterly pointless.

Do you ever think you have too much time on your hands? Probably not. Well, as it happens I do. I'm in that weird limbo between finishing uni, and exams. It's too early to cram and yet I have nothing to do. So, I don't want to go home and turn into a chubby barfly again. So what to do? Not a lot, it would seem. My life currently consists of watching dvds, eating, playing with my hair, rearranging my room, and not much else.

Yesterday, I was lying in bed, I'd just got out of the shower and went for a nap. When I woke up I could see myself on the ceiling. Confused? Don't be. You see, I have a skylight above my bed, and I can't believe I haven't noticed it before, but when its dark, and the lights are on, it's like a ceiling mirror. Pervy, huh? Now I know what I look like in bed. You look so much nicer lying down, it's weird. Like, your boobs look all perky, your cellulite disappears somewhere and even your thighs look slim. Try it, it's really weird. Warning though, when you stand up it goes back to being normal. Arse begins to look like Australia again, etc.

So this is what it's come down to- my nights are now spent exploring the many uses of my reflective window. If someone had ever bothered to call me, said window may have been put to good use.

I cannot motivate myself to revise, I have no sense of urgency. Like today, I had stuff to do, and it took me all day. I had to go to the doctors, go to uni and see my spanish teacher and the philosophy dept, and then get food to make apple and cinnamon loaf. Not much? It took me hours.

Part of it is the NHS's fault. The doctor, after feeling my liver and almost giving me a hernia sent me to hospital for blood tests. That took about five days. Then I faffed around uni for ages. My spanish teacher insisted we speak only in spanish, and god, it was painful. Then I had to traipse all around town to find bloody baking powder. Does no one bake in this country anymore?

So now, I'm just sat here with so much time again. My Mum said today that I really should consider speed dating, because 'Well everyone else has a boyfriend don't they?'.

There is a lot wrong with the world today.

I hate this post. Bleurgh. Talk to me about something fun.