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Tuesday, May 10

My best friend.

Today is my best friends birthday. I know, I'm too old to use that title 'best friend', but she really is. I've known Ali forever, and ever. I couldn't go home yesterday, so I just wanted to write about how great she is, and how much fun we have. The photo belowis me and her when we were 17. Shes wearing school uniform! That seems like ages ago. She's also licking my ear or something, god knows. She must have been drunk.

That was our results day for year 12. Shortly after that, we went on holiday and that changed everything. She became a friend I know I'll keep forever. Some say I corrupted her on that holiday. Not true. I never had so much fun in my life. I was 17, first holiday without parents. Lethal combination.

So, I persuaded her to pull this guy, below.

He was actually quite cute. Jimmy, his name was. I got it on with his friend Paul, he was fit too. Photo below is me molesting Jimmy!

Poor guy looks frightened. I just look drunk. That was the night we broke into a restaurant and ate all their ice cream. Criminal, yes I know, what can I say?

Ali and I have spent every summer since we were 14 chasing the boys of our little town. Now she has a boyfriend, but she'll always be my pulling partner.

So, happy birthday Ali. Remember the good times. And don't forget I'm coming home this summer so warn your boyfriend!