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Friday, May 6

It's all good.

Oh, today is such a happy day. Even though my country is going to be run by Tony the tosser for the next 5 years, and I will be paying back a small fortune in student loans for the rest of my life, I am happy today. First, I got my last essay in today! Second, I have a proper writing job! Third, I have a summer job!

Shall I elaborate? Well, a while ago I applied to write for website that I frequently go on to look at city reviews. It gives a slightly bitchy review of UK cities, their bars, restaurants, places to pull, etc. Well, they were looking for writers, and I thought, why the hell not? And applied. And basically, I'm reviewing five restaurants for next thursday. I have to talk about food, clientele, atmosphere, drinks prices and shit. And it's aimed at graduates and students so it's really funny and witty. I got the email telling me it's going into a book as well, so I'm so happy. It's such good experience for me.

And the other job is working in Lush. Well, potentially working. I have an interview on the 16th, well, group interview, and I should get the job- Rach works there and her manager is apparantly very interested. It means I get to work in the city, and I can pay my car insurance, my rent, it's all good.

Speaking of car insurance, I got a really good deal on mine- it's £500 now, and thats more than halved since last year.

It's impossible not to be happy today.

Isn't it weird that there's normally only one good thing going on your life? Does anyone else get this? Like right now, my love life (I HATE that phrase) has gone to shit, but everything else is just peachy. My diet, which isn't really a diet anymore, I've lost my appetite for starchy food now, is going great. My jeans are looser, and I feel more confident about how I look. And, as I mentioned, I'm getting a job, I'm getting proper writing experience, and Uni is finished.

Given the choice, I'm not sure I would choose a relationship over other aspects of my life. I'm so happy today- and it's all my own doing.

Don't need no man to turn me on...