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Saturday, May 28

It's about time.

I feel a bit of a twat writing this, feels a bit premature. But here goes.

I met someone really nice last night.

I'm so happy I've been singing Joss Stone songs all morning.

Anyway, I ended up in MPV last night, sadly there was no Summer of 69, but some proper old school rnb which is always good. I was on a proper mission last night, speaking to so many blokes, then I found a good one.

I shamelessly bumped into him- great way to start talking to someone, and then we just didn't stop. We spoke for hours and I know he's a good one. He can dance, he likes good music, and he told me he had noticed me before. He kept doing that thing I read about in Cosmo, where they keep touching you, like on your arm or your back, very intimate and a good sign. He didn't run away when I went to the loo. Then when someone took my stool he offered me his. Then we walked to get food, he bought me food, then we walked to get a taxi and he paid for all that. Then I got his number, and then he kissed me on the cheek and I went.

There was no attempt at sex, no scary snogging, no weird behaviour. And he's gorgeous.

But it gets better.

I get into my flat, and after cringing at the state of my hair- loose waves became scary curls- and some attempts to remove all the make up, there was a beep. He had texted me already- it said 'Hey (my real name) it was an absolute pleasure meeting u tonight. speak to u soon. sweet dreams. sleep tight. x'. Now my inner girly girl analyzed this in a bout 5 seconds. Speak to u soon= good sign. sweet dreams= random but cute. x= another good sign. I love it when guys text you straight away, seriously, men, if you want to impress someone, don't be a twat when it comes to texting.

I think I'll watch Dirty Dancing again, and maybe Pretty Woman.

Anyway, I'm all squiffy this morning, I can't believe I pulled! And he didn't say I was scary! I hope to god that he's as nice as I remember.