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Thursday, May 26

In search of boy jeans.

Can I talk about fashion for a bit?

Okay. I love to shop, I have a bit of an addiction to be honest, and I get shamelessly happy from buying something new. Unfortunately the two places I've ever lived in are among the best for shopping in England. And England is so small I can always get the train to London or Manchester for stuff. I've been known to get the Eurostar to Paris.

Is it shameful to go to another country in search of the perfect jacket? Paris is only a few hours, but still. I shouldn't cross borders just to shop.

There are a lot of trendy people here. See, theres being stylish, being fashionable, being funky, and being trendy. (I worked this out in my lectures, much more fun than books). Trendy people are very experiemental. Some look quite odd, but, you know, their clothes, their money.

Personally, I dress a bit funky. I take influence from fashion, but I believe in sticking to what suits me, basics from high street shops with a few individual pieces. I hate fussy, patterned, frilly, detailed, busy clothes. I like simple stuff. Always tops in one colour, and jeans. I love to get bags, belts, shoes, and jewellery from either really obscure shops, or boutiques. Theres the Corn Exchange in Leeds where I get things by independant designers and vintage. Nottingham is just full of wicked shops as well.

I had a point to all this. Yes. I went to get some more jeans today. I own eight pairs, which is actually quite a lot, but they are all ho jeans. I mean, they are girly and clingy. Well I decided I needed some boy jeans today. The kind that I can wear with flip flops and just mess about in. So I went to Blue Rinse, a vintage shop that I am slightly scared of cuz I never feel trendy enough for it. I go in with my ho jeans and everyone else looks androgenous and weird. Ooh, and by the way, I'll be posting a story about a guy I met in there on the other blog.

Anyway, I got some vintage 501s, in a 34", and I'm 30" so they hang off me. I love them. See, I can wear them with vest tops and not look like a ho. I wore them with a bikini and a shirt to the pub and did not look like a ho. With the butt tight jeans it would have been a different story.

See how happy I get from a bloody pair of jeans? I also got some fabulous vintage jewelery on the cheap, but don't get me started on that.

When I was younger I wore some insane clothes. In my school fashion was all about reflecting your music tastes. I like all sorts of music, so I had a very random look. Now, everyone tries to be very individual. Leeds students must look really odd to other people.

How you look is important, to me it is anyway. I'm always after something. This week it was the bikini, then the wrap top, then the jeans. One thing that bugs me with other people's blogs is that you don't know how they dress. That sounds random, but I love seeing what other people wear, I guess that's the girl in me.

It's always interesting what guys wear. I'm not the kinda girl to change a guy, but I've never been happy with the attire of any guy that I've dated. Are American guys as crap as British guys when it comes down to your wardrobes? It's always jeans, t shirt, trainers. So dull. But if a guy shows too much interest then he's probably gay or headed that way. I'm always suspicious when a guy doesn't react to the number of shoes I have (it's over 40 pairs).