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Tuesday, May 3


Hi! I know, I have been gone for some time. I am just completely bombarded with work right now, and I went home this weekend, and it's too sunny to sit on the computer. So, in a rare moment of not being a twat, my computer decided to work with me on audioblogs! So I heard everyone that has one. Then I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if I had one! I have an accent that people seem to go for, and I want to prove that I'm not a posh southerner, as I suspect some of you think I am. So I took myself off the website, and the pissing thing only works in America! Why?!

So if blogger would have realised that people outside of America also have blogs, you would have had a fun audioblog today. And yeah, it would have brightened up your day proper wouldn't it? But no. Sorry. Bloggers a twat.

Hot kisser James moved to Leeds yesterday, and phoned me, all forlorn, asking to go for a drink in town. I'd just been into town shopping, and I spent, like £100 on clothes and make up. So I looked all nice, new top, new flip flops, hair looking good, and really nice make up. I started to walk into town, and BAM!!!! Moment Of Horror #1 hits me. There's a thing in my top. It's scratching me. I start to scream. I suspect it is a bee. I'm terrified of bees. So I start to hit myself and generally look as though I'm having some sort of fit. Then it falls out. My necklace. Not a bee. A necklace. I was freaking out because my necklace tried to attack me.

Well, never mind, and I carry on my jolly way into town and, oh look, Moment Of Horror #2. Rain. It pisses it down with rain. My new white top is soaked, and slightly orange cuz my make up has run into it. It's also wet, clingy, and transparent. My hair is dripping. But that's no problem, I figure I'll dry my hair in the loos, and I have make up in my bag. But no.

Moment Of Horror #3. Wind. Hello Wind. Blowing inmy face and making my hair look like it's trying to escape from my head. Gah!!!!!

I turned up to the pub looking like a porn star. Windblown hair, that in retrospect, was kinda sexy once it settled down, but not for the pub. Wet clothes, slightly smudgy make up, and I was all nervous about bees. Sometimes I think James is very brave wanting to actually be seen in public with me, because I am such a disaster. It was sooo nice seeing him though.

I walked home all happy. Then Moment Of Horror #4 happens, because it's just too much to ask for any minute of my life to pass in peace. A drunk man on my road flashes me. Yes, I saw his man stick.

And on that note, I better get back to revision.