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Wednesday, May 4

Gah!! part deux

Leeds University Informations Systems and Support you can go to hell!!!!

I have had more luck pulling gay men than contacting an actual person at your offices.

Thanks to the university's use of 'online module enrollment' I am sure that if I ever get on to the system, all that will be left is some crappy course like Civil War Literature, in which I will have to rehash the eyesore that is Paradise Lost, taught by some hairy, tweed wearing professor with bad teeth. Thanks!

No, because of you, I will not get onto the Language in Time and Space module, which I am over qualified for anyway, and which will give me great groundings in my journalistic career. No.

NO!!! When I try and get a job after graduation, what use will Paradise Lost be? Yes, absolutely fuck all use.

And will I get onto the course for American Literature? Hell no!! I'll be something useless and shit, like Shakespeare in Film or, god forbid, William Blake, in which case I'll just slit my wrists now.

So thanks, ISS, for ruining my day, my university career, and eventually my life. You have not responded to my emails. Apparently I do not exist in the English department. And apparantly, I do not deserve to enjoy any of my modules next year.

Sleep with your eyes open, person-at-ISS.


After a phone call to the school of english secretary, I actually got onto the courses I wanted to do. In semester 1, I'm doing English in Time, Medieval Renascence, and Writing America. And semester 2 is English in Space, 18th Century Literature, and Contested American Spaces.

What should have been a quick thing on the internet took me 3 hours. But I'm so, so, happy that I got onto the American Lit courses, cuz that's what I want to specialize in next year. I get to do some amazing books next year, like Little Women, and Gulliver's Travels, which were both massive childhood favourites.

However, James is moving to Manchester to do his training. So he'll be there all summer. I don't know what to make of it, cuz it's not like I'm his girlfriend. But how come, when anything nice happens, it all just falls apart? I'm really happy that I'll be on a really good course next year, but this summer I'll be in Nottingham and he's miles away in Manchester.

Why, when something works out, does something else just shit all over it?