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Thursday, May 19

Do you have any fit friends?

I have the words 'Scott Hall Rd' etched onto the back of my hand. Why would I have that you ask? Well, last night I found myself agreeing to go and watch some Irish guys play gaelic football and thats the address. Shameless huh?

I have to write bar reviews for a book, remember? So last night I had to go to a couple of bars and check them out. I went to brb first. Now, I love brb but the people that go in there are twats. They are trendy verging on experimental. Got a new outfit you want to try out? Wear it to brb. Parents throwing out some old clothes? Worry not. Steal them, cut them, tighten them, rip them and you'll feel at home in brb. Anyway, the manager was really nice to me and showed me all the private function rooms.

Then we go to Hakuna Matata, a complete dive in some godforsaken back end of town. It's empty apart from a harem of drunken dirty men in the corner whose eyes light up at the sight of four girls. The staff are hilarious. I ask them when they close - 'whenever the fuck we like'. I ask them about the clientele- 'Twats in suits'. Love it!

Then I go to my fave bar, Tiger Tiger . It's been revamped so I get a bit silly excited. So, we go in and the waitress is Columbian and speaks no English. So, get me, I ask her to get the manager and explain what I'm doing, all in Spanish! Then the manager arrives, and he's gorgeous. I turn into a total girl and he tells me he reads the book in reviewing and offers to show me all around. At this point its just me and Sophie, everyone else kinda went. So the manager who I'm slowly falling in love with, shows me the new restaurant, the new club downstairs, and the VIP room, which is totally pimped up. Then the best bit, he says if I ever want to get on the guest list, with free entry and free drinks, all I have to do is ring up and ask for him. That'll be every week then.

So we get outside and all our friends are there. Why? It was over 21's night and we got in! Ha! I look 21. We end up in Walkabout, where we fall in love with the Australian barmen and drink giant cocktails. Then my friends pull these two Irish guys, so of course I'm all 'Do you have any fit friends?', cuz I cannot resist Irish guys. Yum. And that's how I ended up with this address written on my hand.