the prettiest star

Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge.

Wednesday, May 18


I have an exam in 45 mins on reading poetry and I haven't actually read any poetry.


I had the worst walk to the exam! I had to do the other walk of shame. The kind where you're reading your texts while you walk. It got worse. I walked past a window and realised I was orange. I was a bit overenthusiastic with the bronzer and didn't notice, never mind, I thought, keep walking. It gets worse. I saw a guy I used to date. A normal person would have stopped and chatted, or just walked by. Not me. I attempted to run away only there was a parked car in the car. So there I was, scrambling around a car looking orange and flustered. Bet he wishes he still dates me...

And the exam. I actually wrote good stuff and it was fine. That natural luck of mine! I'm off to get fucked now.

And when I say fucked, I mean drunk fucked not sex fucked. I think we all know there's more chance of hell turning into a childs theme park than me actually finding a suitable man.

Bring on the martinis....