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Thursday, May 19


Me again. I had an epiphany that I forgot to mention earlier.

I'm allowed to chat up men in bars!

It never occured to me. While I was sulking over my vodka cosmopolitan, Amanda pointed out, that instead of mourning the fit guy that left the bar, I should have spoken to him. We were doing the eye contact thing. It never occured to me. NEVER. Next time I go out I'll make a point of asking someone out. I must get back into dating. I'm sick of people asking me why I'm single. I tell them it's cuz I enjoy having no sex life and not having to shave my legs as often as I should. Ha!

So tonight I went to Asda and found series one of Coupling for £10. £10!!!! I almost came there and then. I watched Coupling religiously when I was younger, taught me everything I know about British men. They like breasts.

So, the stat meter is interesting. I have a load of people that read this from Britain. This is a good thing. They know what I'm going on about when I make random references to Brit TV and say things like mardy, minging, knackered, and tosser. Anyway, I have been reading two really good British blogs. One is as of a few days ago, and one as of about 10 mins ago. Wondywoman and Shocking Fish. They are quite brilliant. Don't hate me, I like reading everyone's blogs, but I love British blogs purely because references to Celebrity Love Island, crazy frog, and titles of blogs being Take That songs make me laugh. A lot.

I also purchased strawberries, chocolate, cookies, and grape juice (too hungover for vino) and kiwi fruits, so I'm going to watch Coupling and have myself a little orgy. And one last thing.