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Sunday, April 17

This gets bitchy....

I need to rant. I need to rant because I am so pissed off today, I'm not sure I can cope.

First thing: My Dad's girlfriend.
I hate this woman. She stole my Dad from my Mum and my eyes this is all she will ever be. She is the opposite of me in every way. This is a woman who knows the function of spark plug, never wears make up except to put on green eyeshadow and orange lipstick, and is the only person since 1984 to still perm her hair. She is really, really skinny and I honestly believe she is a lesbian and doesn't know it.

So earlier I went to see my Dad, who was, well, Dad-like with me, then I get talking to his girlfriend, who PINCHES MY WAIST and asks why I'M SO FAT THESE DAYS. She then brings out her TAPE MEASURE and compares my FATNESS to her SKINNYNESS and disputes my claims that my bra size is a 32 D. 'You're never a 32!' she exclaims and even makes me take off my bra to prove this fact to her.

There were several other incidents that evening but this one stands out because it is so, so, so, cruel! What ever hapenned to girls sticking together? What kind of person is so mean (and mean is the word) that they feel like taking a young girl's vital statistics to make themselves feel better?

Personally, I'm a girl's girl. I'm the girl who'll lend you her lip gloss in the toilet. The one who'll talk to the ming-tastic wingman of the guy you fancy. I have never let a man come between me and my friends.

I believe there is enough bitchiness in this world. If I see a girl lookin really great, I don't give her evils, I go up, compliment her and will probably ask her where she bought her top from.

This incident with my Dad's girlfriend has confirmed two things for me:

1. There are women who put other down in order to feel better about themselves.

2. Some of them will even go as far as taking a man from his wife and children in order to do this.

Anyway, I'm back at University and have made a great start to term. I went to the pub last night, and was so hungover this morning I missed all my lectures and an exam. Anyone got any excuses I can use?

The only reason I woke up this morning is cuz some random guy came in to check my fire alarm. Don't I have to get so many days notice for someone to do this?! Anyway, he came in my room and I started screaming, and my fire alarm went unchecked.

I think to compensate for my shocking lack of motivation I should do all my essays today and not even think about going to the pub.

Ps. Dan and MartiniLove, I can never ever comment on your blogs, I haven't stopped reading, it's just that your comments hate me.

Pps. Dan DO NOT risk the NHS!!!! They will bollocks up the op and you know it! I suggest going private. And as for the money, well can't you just sell a kidney or something?