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Thursday, April 28

Stop bringing strange men into my kitchen and into my life!!!!

As I type this, there are 3 Asian guys in my kitchen that I have never seen before in my life. Upon questioning, they inform me they belong to Zia, my flatmate. They met her on Monday at a Bhangra gig. She has decided to let them stay in her room even though she has no idea who they are.

Surely this is not normal behaviour. 3 strange guys in your room?!

Random thought: why do Americans call Oriental people Asians? Here, an Asian is from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, that part of the world. Weird.

Why must my flat/life always be inundated with strange men? I was all 'the FUCK Zia!!! stop bringing men from the street into my kitchen and into my life!!!'.

I can hear weird noises coming from her room. People in France can probably hear these noises.

She's having a gangbang.