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Friday, April 22

I got pierced...

Wow, so I turned on the computer this morning, went my blog, and theres my photo! Gosh.

I would highly recommend posting a piccie. It's like the first time you sleep with a guy, highly anticipated, slightly scary, and yet quite fulfilling and happy faces all round.

I was going to hand my essay in yesterday, and was walking up the road to Uni when this good looking man smiles at me, and I'm 'oh, helloooo', then I realise he's the warden for my building so I stop him in the street and complain about the malaysian. I told him how she is a skank whore and I'm going to make a formal complaint with him and kick that bitches ass! Hahahaha revenge!!

So then I was late to hand work in, so I bought some shoes instead.

I went to a bar last night, and found out I was sitting next to a girl who went to my school, weird.

Then we met these guys from Texas, and their accents cracked me up. We had a drinkikng competetion, where everytime they said 'y'all', and everytime we said 'like' we had a bit to drink. Everyone got hammered, and I was saying 'I'm DRUNK y'all!!!!' to anyone who cared.

I went to another bar and found a load of people from my halls. There were a group of people that I dont like. One of the girls is cousin of a girl from my hometown who bullied me when I was 5, and I know she doesnt like me cuz of that. Yes, she is a very bad person, gives me evils all the time. So I sat with some guys I know from partying in Freshers week, and we had a wicked time.

I got drunk. On the way home I went to the chippie, which is BAD, then when we got home Byron was in the bin. We said 'Byron, you know everyones tampons are in their' and he still didnt get out.

I woke up at 12 and went shopping for flip flops, but ended up getting pierced instead. Twice.

I'm driving halfway up the bloody country tonight to see my friend in Newcastle, so everyone have a good one!