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Friday, April 15

Entering fat bitch territory!

Okay there seems to be an abundance of diet posts right now and I am shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon. The diet posting has brought to my attention one simple fact: I am entering Fat Bitch territory.

Last summer I was a size 8, I believe this to be a US size 4. I was working as a lifeguard and was all tanned and used to swan about it bloody shorts looking all slim. Over my short university career I have pretty much maintained that weight, but have become incredibly unfit. Then I got ill and became shockingly unfit. Then I've been at home and despite losing weight for holiday and sporadically going to the gym, I've gone up to a size 10. Now today I tried to put on my Gap jeans, which are US size 6, UK size 10 and there is some uncomfortable pulling and tightness in the stomach and hip area.

I'm not saying I'm a fat bitch right now, but I am getting that way if I carry on gaining weight like this.

Another incident hapenned this morning. I caught sight of my arse in the bathroom mirror and things are not looking pretty. Despite the tan, my ass looks HUGE.

Now I have spent this week in the company of James, who is the fittest (in the health sense) person I know and has a fit body. Now most times I've slept with him we've been drunk so the only thing on my mind has been getting my end away, not the size of my ass. Now I won't be seeing him for 2 weeks as I'm going back to Leeds and he has to work and I would really like to be slimmer when I next see him.

So today I have started a diet. I'm taking the protein based breakfast, carbs based lunch and veggie based dinner approach, which has worked for all my friends and my Mum. So far today I have eaten scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, a small bowl of rice for lunch, and I will have veggie soup for dinner. This is my first diet. I'm not going to drink, which won't be hard as I have exams and stuff at the mo.

Right now I weigh more than I have ever done in my entire life. I've been to the gym lots in the past week, doing lots of cardio to shift the ass. I don't want to have to be drunk every time I sleep with James, and now I have a man of sorts in my life, I really should sort myself out.

I hope to be a comfortable size 10 when I next see him, but with a healthy body.

I feel like writing this down gives me extra incentive and will hopefully push me to lose these extra pounds. Every time I think of my arse in the mirror I want to cringe....