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Tuesday, April 19

Casa de crap!

Wise words spoken from the mouth of my mother when she came over today. She saw my kitchen and exclaimed 'You live in Casa de Crap! The Malaysians are such a dirty people! I can't believe you live in Casa Filth because of her'.

My mother was right to insult that dirty skank whore, and I'll tell you why. Today my Mum brought lots of goodies for me, including strawberry smoothies. I left said smoothies in the back of my shelf in the fridge, behind a massive bag of spinach and some tomatoes. I went to take my Mum to her car, and when I returned, strawberry smoothie had fucked off. I was perplexed. So I searched everyone elses shelf. I found it in Malaysian flatmates shelf, right at the back. I can therefore conclude that I hate her. I haven't seen her yet. I'm waiting.

I want her to die knowing who took her.

And I'm buying a mini fridge.

So after much debating I've decided not to post my photo- yet, I guess. However, I will post something just as interesting- my flat.

This piccie is the wall next to my bed, I'm so in the photos, hopefully no one knows a way to see them. Oh, and I'm a massive Dali fan. The dreamcatcher is what my parents brought me back from Arizona some years ago.

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This is my photowall, you can probably figure out what I look like from the photos, ah well. The copacabana stuff is a musical I did last term.

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This is some of my CDs and DVDs.

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These are my books, this is upside down, don't ask. Course books on the left, fun books on the right.

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Yes another Dali poster. This is my chair. The stripy fabric is stuff I bought from a Peruvian girl in London, and the red throw and the cushion I got from Corn Exchange Market in Leeds. I love this chair.

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And this is my desk. There is a lot of crap in this desk. The hospital light kinda ruins this photo, but this is where I sit when I'm on the computer.

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Oh I can so feel that I will post my photo soon.