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Monday, March 7

Where is the summer?

I keep getting asked what the hell I'm on about all the time so I'm going to start a list of English words on my other blog later on so you will all know how to use words like tosser and mardy. (Dan I expect you to know what those mean!) It would appear we are not speaking the same language at all, so let me know when you don't understand a word and I will explain.

This weekend was quite nice really, home better than usual. The tv broke, and I almost started to cry, but we sorted it and I got to do a bit of mtv catch up. I went to see my best friend last night. She's a bit temperamental, she is very into her boyfriend, but we always just pick up where we left off and that's what I love about her. We had a notorious holiday when we were 17, our first holiday without parents, and that's what we were talking about last night. Her boyfriend says he'll dump her if she comes away with me and Rach this summer, (this should give you some indication of what we are like on holiday), but we're planning on going around Europe and she really wants to come. It was so nice to see her again. We're going to Manchester next Sunday to look at her uni accomodation, and I plan to get her in lots of trouble...

My mum and her boyfriend were talking about their wills last night, was a bit weird. Boyfriend told me he's leaving all his money to his daughter, and, get this, his toy rabbit. Not only does the man have stuffed toys, he intends to leave them money. I have nothing else to say about that.

Despite it being mother's day yesterday, I receieved the following: £20 petrol money, £20'treat' money (which will unfortunately have to go on food), and for my computer: a memory stick, and a tiny mouse (freebies from Mum's company) and a multi way socket adaptor meaning I will never again go abroad and have bad hair from lack of a hair dryer!

I'm quite shocked at the weather today. It's dead cold, but really sunny so you could pretend it's summer if you didn't go outside. I was in the car this morning and that song off The OC came on the radio and I got all happy, and then foolishly opened the window and got a harsh reminder that I am not, in fact, in California, I am in Yorkshire. Possibly the most un-hot and unglamourous place in the world, (apart from Scotland, which is The Worst Place Ever). Where is the summer? I know it's only March but it's pissing cold and I'm sick of it. I kept telling my Mum it would be a great idea to go see The Boyfriend's family on Spain this easter, for a freebie holiday. But she's not keen. They're complete nutcases, and even my Mum's freaked by them. So if anyone lives somewhere hot, preferably with a beach, and would like to give me a freebie holiday, get in touch!