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Tuesday, March 8

Where have all the good men gone?

I just posted my words here, so now you will hopefuly understand me.

I feel awful today, I just woke up from a 13 hr sleep. Virus is back with a vengance. Also, was meant to go on date with the jew tonight, but when I check my phone is there a text? an answerphone message? Hell no! He obviously doesn't give a toss (literally) whether I live or die. I'm in bed, feeling like I've just been knocked out and he can't even be arsed to send me a bloody text to ask of I'm okay. He's a total asshat. To make the situation worse, as I was checking my phone, that bloody song 'I need a hero' came on (I had my mp3 player on random). I was going to have a Bridget Jones moment, you know, the opening credits of the film, where she's pissed, in her pyjamas, singing to 'All By Myself'.

Unfortunately I don't have any alcohol, and I don't think my flatmates would appreciate me whimpering 'Where have all the good men gone?'. But seriously, where the fuck are they? There are 40, 000 students in this uni, so without all the women, old people, idiots, and ugly people, I figure that leaves me about 10,000 men. There's nothing wrong with me so why can't I pull?

Actually, I need to rephrase that. Anyone can pull. There's always a steady supply of wholy unsuitable men who seem to think it's perfectly acceptable for them to attempt to pull fit girls. (This is how I managed to get on a date with a little man and gangster, if you want to hear more about them let me know). But my point is, of all the potential 12,000 men, surely I can get one of them? I'm so fucked off! If I can't pull men now, what will it be like when I'm older? I'm going to turn into Bridget Jones.

I'm starting to think I am hideous and completely undateable. I must have an undateable chromosone.