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Thursday, March 24

So it really was 'the feelings'!!

Oh god, last night was so us being 15 again, it was quite scary. It was so pretty and sunny yesterday that we started our little party at 5pm in the garden. Jax had the best news- apparantly James asked her to make sure I was coming out on Friday, and Jax (the fool) told him he was in there if he has some handcuffs to which he apparantly raised his eyebrows in an approving manner. So I spent 2 hours getting information out of her. I found out the following: he is basically the male version of me. In every way. So there was 'the feelings' and I am SO looking forward to Friday night!

So I won't say too much about last night, but I will say this:

Between 3 of us, in 2 hours we consumed-
2 18" pizzas
20 potato waffles
10 potato smiley faces
2 chocolate cakes
50 mini chocolate bars
4 bottles of white wine
15 bacardi breezers
a small bottle of malibu rum

Then the party started, during the course of the party, the following happened:
(in no particular order)
I dropped my camera in the toilet
2 films of 'The Swayze' were watched and enjoyed
My friends brother stole my hotpants and wore them with relative ease for an hour
We went into the woods to 'find' Robin Hood
We smoked so much that today I cannot locate my vocal chords
There was a dance out Bassment Jaxx's new song 'Oh My Gosh' during which my friend threw up for the third time this week.

Ok, other news. First, Joe is back! Joy!

Second, Lunatic, it depends where you live on how much a flight costs to England, but you're always welcome round mine!

Third, Dan, I too will be in Notts this weekend. On Friday I'll be in
Rock City, I'll be the girl having a dance out with all the olds, and on Sat I'll be in The Waterfront, probably trying not to fall in the trent .

Fourth, I cannot get on to Martini Love's comments, why?