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Friday, March 25

So, are you a fittie or a weirdo?

Wow, I just read Blue 944's post, and it relates perfectly to what I was planning to write about today.

He has these photos of what he thinks people really look like, and I find it so interesting. Does everyone do this? Personally I haven't given it much thought, but now I imagine everyone to be either fitties or weirdos. Imagine if everyone met up for a drink, it would be so cool to guess who's who. I think it would be the trippiest thing to find out what everyone looks like. Hmmm.

People always assume British people have these amazing accents, all posh and refined. This is not true. A tiny proportion of people that live near London speak like this. The rest of us have mouths like fishwives, especially me. I say this because yesterday I went into the gym and my instructor came over, all smiley and started to talk about my programme. I chipped in and he was all 'Oh so you're from here then'. I replied 'Yes I grew up here this is my home town, I lived here for 18 years but now I'm mainly in Leeds'. He seemed appalled at my accent, and kept going on about how he expected me to talk like my Mum. Very odd.

As a child I was aware that I didn't look quite like the other kids, I had a long, weird name that no one else had, I was a little darker and my Mum spoke another language. Certain people always seem a little bemused when they see me and I come out with my Nottinghamshire accent. But I don't get it. We shouldn't live in a world where everyone should speak like everyone expects them to. Britain is really multicultural, and I'm continually confused by it.

Another thing that gets me is when people assume your tastes by what you look like. I've mentioned before that I love music and know loads about it. Take me into any club and I'll sing along to every song they play. Yet I meet people who will challange this. They'll ask me questions about bands and songs, and it bugs me. If I go into Rock City on alternative night I'll be bound to get some grebby 15 yr old come up to me and be all like 'So you like RHCP then?' and when I say 'Yes I've seen them live twice' I get a million questions, like I have to prove my credibility. I hate it so much. Everyone judges on appearance, we can't help it, but theres judging, and there's being mean.

Really, do I need to have blonde hair and pale skin to call myself English? And do I need to change what I wear so I fit into every single club I go into?