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Wednesday, March 2

Rent, school, and the evil in my kitchen.

Today is a really good day for me. I finally handed in the stupid essay I've been going on about, and I went to get my exam results. I've actually passed the year so far, which is cool cuz last semester was solely dedicated to fun. Also, my rent seems to have paid itself, as over £1000 has gone out of my account, at least I hope it's rent. If not then I'll have sell something, (my car? my guitar? a kidney!?) there's no other way. The man about the job hasn't called like he said he would, so that has caused minor panic, but I'm happy as long as the rent is paid.

I have two more essays to hand in this week, such a nightmare. I miss school. At school we could take our books into exams and we could write entire essays in them if we wanted to. We used to read half a book per term, in class, lest our poor little brains would suffer from being strained.

There was the scariest man in my kitchen today, one of L's leftovers. I was drinking my tea and he stared at me the entire time. He reminded me of the dementors in Harry Potter. I ventured into conversation with him and found out he does 'oh you know' for a living and he has 'about 3' kids. So L enters the kitchen and informs me that 'Gaz' will be staying for a few days, do I mind? Do I mind that a man who looks like he sets fire to small animals for a living with be living within 5 metres of my room? He looks like herpes! You could catch VD just looking at him. I don't want evil in my kitchen! Ick. So already he has felt the need to leave his shit all over the flat. I found used chocolate body paint in the fridge. Nice. I'm just glad we don't have to share bathrooms.

Now, everyone go say hi to Pete and Sam, they are very nice people and if I lived anywhere near them I would take them out for a mojito and buy them a small monkey in appreciation of their ability to make me happy today.

PS. Can someone not English tell me if describing somone as 'fit' means the same to you as it does to me?