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Wednesday, March 16

No-one puts Baby in the corner.

I love Wednesdays, they're my off from uni (okay so I take most days off, but Weds is day off sans guilt). Every Wednesday I do absolutely f-a. I piss about on the internet, read magazines and watch DVDs. Tonight's theme for DVDs is 80s/dancing. So I just watched Dirty Dancing and had to post about my bad and wrong love of The Swayze. What is it about men with fit arms that can dance? Every time I watch DD I feel so wrong for perving on The Swayze. He's old enough to be my Dad, but those arms!

For a long time I've lusted after a guy who can dance, and have been unable to find one. Is that what it is about The Swayze? The dancing? I don't fancy him as much in Ghost, or Point Break, so I'm guessing it's the combination of fit arms and dancing. Does anyone else fancy The Swayze in DD or is it just my wrong and twisted mind?

We need a bloggers ball for defs now. That way I can sift through the crap and find the good dancers! Are Americans good dancers?