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Saturday, March 5


Things I don't want to experience before 8am:
1. The evil in the kitchen making a fry-up in his boxers. He doesn't seem to have washed recently, I'm suprised L doesn't have fleas/herpes/rabies from sleeping with him.
2. CMF rapping to Snoop Dogg. Remember, she doesn't speak English. It sounds like a toothless Snoop has a mouthful of bees.
3. This picture in my magazine. In my magazine, the picture showed the dress had, ahem, opened up somewhat so we could all see her vagina. How nice. But, I mean, really? Do I need to see the intimate workings of her reproductive system before I've eaten my cereal? Does this woman not own a pair of pants?
I cannot decide which of these three things is the most repulsive. What a skankfest.

I'm going home later, as it's Mother's Day on Sunday (and I need a good meal) so I will have lots of dirt on the Boyfriend, who no doubt will have found new and innovative ways to annoy me. I bet he's waiting with a new batch of bollywood films and some catchy new dance moves.

Joe and Pete saved me from the cheerleaders last night. 'Bring It On' is waiting forlornly on my desk for another lonely Friday night. My friend at home tells me she has her copy of Crossroads back from her sister, and do I want to come over and watch it? What could be better than watching Britney 'act' her way through this piece of pure girly trash. I can't wait.