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Saturday, March 26

Let the beat hit em....

Okay, I wanted to write a post about how cool last night was, and I wanted to comment on everyone elses blogs, but frankly I'm so fucked that my fingers and eyes, okay every part of me has stopped working.

I have to say this though- I've only read Amber Lynns blog today (I'd link, but that would involve effort...) and it's really fun go read it. Also, AL if you're reading, what was your last comment on my blog all about?

It's 930pm and I've only just got out of bed. I'm going to fry the contents of my fridge, cover it in cheese, eat it and go back to bed with a large cup of tea.

Tomorrow I will come back and write something useful. It involves the hottest kiss of my life, my friend being arrested, and a fishbowl.

(By the way, I'd completely forgotten how much I LOVE Lisa Lisa until last night. Old school rules!!!!)