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Friday, March 18

I miss the city.

Since I got back to Notts yesterday, I've been appalled at the total lack of technological advancements here. We live next to Sherwood Forest, the same one that Robin Hood lived in, and you would think we living in Robin Hood time. First, we have only just got broadband, and yet the computer is still ridiculously slow. Screaming and shouting at it to 'come the fuck on!!' hasn't helped. The very thought of commenting on everyone's blogs is quite frightening, as would take me all day. However, my laptop has wireless connection, so as soon as I buy the thing (my brother knows what it is) that makes it work I'll be sorted.

I went into the city today, as the trees and stuff were beginning to piss me off. It was so nice to hear people talking in my accent and really cool to go on the tram again (do they have trams anywhere outside England?). It was actually warm today, I'd also forgotten how much warmer it is down here, and the guys are so much fitter as well. Anyway, I sorted out my job and I start on Monday, as a Grown Up.

One thing I totally forgot about home was that everyone here knows each other. Every car I pass, someone waves at me, in most shops I went in today, I knew someone. It's a little scary how small town it is. I was in the gym last night, looking nasty and muffin top-esque in my too-small bikini in the sauna. Three guys I went to school with were in there and it was awful. I was too scared to get up and leave, because the true extent of my tiny bikini would be visible from behind. That was just too horrible to contemplate.... So I had to stay in the sauna for 30 minutes, I almost died.

I'm going to the ultimate small town get together now, the pub. I fully expect to have to hide behind my drink at every ex I see, I must also try not to laugh at all the 16 yr olds trying to get served and I really must not hit on my brother's friends. God, I miss the city.