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Saturday, March 12

I hate my flatmate!!!

The stupidity of people worries me sometimes. I mean, everyone has their silly moments, but there are people in this world who are so stupid it puts the fear of god in me. One of these people is my flatmate CMF. After Blogger fucked up royally, I needed a drink (didn’t we all ) so me and my friends decide to make cocktails..

Upon returning to my flat, I find our sub warden mouthing off at CMF. Turns out she almost killed the people on the floor below us. She left the tap on in her room, with the plug in, and went into the kitchen. Who does this? Who would be thick enough to assume it’s okay to have running water in their room while they make a quick snack?

So, the sub informs me that he received a complaint from the flat below. The running water obviously leaked through their ceiling, not only causing damage, but it made the fire alarm go off. And the water got into the system so bad that the electrics messed up and set the ceiling on fire. ‘Oh dear’ she said to him. Oh dear indeed.

So it’s pretty bad, but she has to pay for all the damage! Finally, the gods answer my wishes for her to be skanked the way skanks everyone else every day. Oh how I laughed at her trying to tell the sub that there wasn’t much water, and how I laughed when he tried to spell her name.

If I anyone thinks I’m being a total bitch without reason, you are mistaken. I have so much reason. This is a person who thinks cooking can be done from your bedroom. I’m not quite sure where she got this novel concept from, but the amount of times I’ve walked into the kitchen to find a pan of boiled dry pasta about to explode. And to think she’s doing medicine.

I might write to the BMA and demand that she is not allowed to practise. Aren’t doctors supposed to be hygienic and healthy? Cuz they are two things that she is not. She has a certain smell about her, no one knows what it is, but it’s not a happy smell. I have never seen her clean the kitchen, in fact, on more than one occasion I’ve seen her throwing food on the floor. There are no pigeons in the flat, why is she doing this?

And the food. Ick is all I have to say. She has crammed the fridge with the poisoned orange substance that masquerades as Sunny D, along with various microwaved crap. She doesn’t own nice food. She cooks it all in the microwave (do they not use cookers in Malaysia?) and cooks it uncovered so that when she is ‘cooking’ in her room, the food gets all over the microwave. I’m convinced one day the microwave will start to eat itself. There’s enough shit inside to make about 5 curries.

Ok, I am ranting, I’m sorry. It’s just that it is 2:30 am, and someone I live with almost took the building down. My friends are too drunk and too busy laughing at her to listen. I have to vent my anger somewhere. CMF digusts me and someone’s going to hear about it.

Other business- That Girl I cannot access the comments on your blog and it is quite upsetting!
I miss Happy and Blue2.
Did anyone read my posts about my drunken antics? What did you think? Both text-ex guy and fittie James have been texting me, and I’m too scared to reply, what do I do? Also, I have two msn addresses, and James appears to have blocked me on only one, what does this mean?