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Sunday, March 6


How annoying is everyone else that drives? I went home on the M1 instead of the A1 last night, and I was shocked by the amount of tossers on the road. Like people who have really nice fast cars, who choose to drive at silly mph. It's wasted on them! My car has a tiny engine, and yet it'll easy do 100, but I overtook so many big cars that were just getting in everyones way. I hate it.

One good point, however, was last night's radio. Hallam fm had the best songs, they played a load from Dirty Dancing, then The Killers, then Madonna, then Chic, then Beyonce, and loads more, it was dead good. I'm all the other drivers were laughing at me trying to dance in my car.

What else? I've eaten so much food, I think my Mum's quite shocked. She buys dead nice food though, from Sainsburys, like smoked salmon, and muffins, and smoothies. Haven't seen much of the boyfriend, but I got here late last night so I imagine he'll make an apperance later on.

Am really hating this computer. All the colours look different. The pink on my blog looks horrible, bit too orangey, and everyone else's blog looks yucky as well. Hate the keyboard, cuz I'm used to my laptop this is dead noisy and clumsy. The computer broke and managed to delete all my links on my blog and stuff so had to mess around with that, very annoying. Does nothing work outside cities?

I'm going to my local with my mate for a drink later. This is the worst part about being home, cuz everyone's in there being bitchy about exam results, or about how there are two types of people- those who have been to India and those who haven't. Someone actually said that to me at Christmas-it's scary how pretentious some gap year students are. Then there's the inevitable hiding behind your drink to avoid ex boyfs.

God, I've not been home for 12 hours and I'm already bitching, and The Boyfriend isn't even awake yet! I need to do catch up on mtv, so will be back with stories about Bollywood's next big thing tonight.