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Thursday, March 3

Holy shit.

So I can't sleep tonight, so after a couple of episodes of SATC I have a little nosy on the internet. I have a flick through the archives of Sprit Fingers and come across this post. I am intrigued and go on the website they are talking about. Literally, words failed me. I really, really, don't want to be offensive or mean, but, holy shit!

Go on the bits to do with
underwear, swimwear, headwear, who they are, and generally have a look around.

Then weep. How dare you wear knickers that do not cover your knees? or, heaven forbid, a thong?! Go and marry a nice moustache wielding, tank top- wearing 'Godly young man' immediately! For the love of God, why wouldn't you want to dress like the family in Little Women? And for the guys out there, how about a lovely 'modest' girl who's never seen a razor (or a mirror) and probably rolls her own tampons? No?

'The purpose of headcovering is two fold. First and foremost it symbolises that the wife or daughter is in submission to and under the authority of her husband or father.'

Hello? Feminism happened! Did my ancestors burn their bras for this? It makes me want to run outside in my bikini, go to the church of disco and rejoice with a pina colada in one hand and a bad boy in the other. I have nothing against religion, or 'modesty', but, seriously, what is going on here?!