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Tuesday, March 22

Holy crap! I think I found a man!

Today I had a screaming tantrum at the computer (I'm still a teenager, by 9 months, I can still get away with it...) and my brother agreed that in the interests of the family, the computer, and my mental health, we should connect my laptop to our internet. I'm much calmer now, using something which appears to have a working modem, doesn't turn off at random intervals and doesn't pain me in the head.

So I'm kinda in two minds about being back home, on the negative side, my family is intensely irritating, and they have no technology in the country, but I've had so much fun being at home.

Monday night was pub quiz night (I am the pub quiz queen, but more about that later). So I went with Jax and Jamie to meet our friends at the pub. We started out in The Crown, which is a horrid skank pub, but with the cheapest drinks any of have ever found. So after 8 doubles, we're well on our way, and then Jax's boyf comes in. He has his brother with him, and I've met him before, he was in the year above me at school, but suddenly he's looking a whole lot fitter and I get 'the feelings'.

And so, we move on to The Rodney for the pub quiz. So, my 'queen' status. You know how, when you're a kid, and you think you're parents know everything, ever? and then at some point you realise that your Dad, doesn't, in fact know everything? Well, I haven't reached that point yet, and it's not because I'm incredibly simple, it's because my Dad knows everything. EVERYTHING. So basically, he has been transferring his knowledge to me over the years, and now I am the pub quiz queen.

So on Monday, we won the pub quiz, and I get talking to James, (Jax's boyf's brother). Turns out he's moving up to be a policeman in Leeds this summer. My reaction? 'Holy shit! With the uniform? and the handcuffs?'. And he didn't look frightened, he smiled! So I was beginning to think, hmmm, is he man enough for me? So we carry on talking, and I appear to be making him laugh (I'm hoping it's my cutting remarks and wit, not my drunkeness) and me Jax are laughing about how skank I tend to be to boyfs, and again, he smiles, no fear.

Then the final test. The landlord decides to have a lock-in (we ended up staying until 3) so everyone does their party trick. Mine, as mentioned in my 100 things, is my obscenely long tongue. Turns out he has one too. Meant to be, hmmm?

So outside, it all becomes very Sweet Valley High, and he offers me his jacket, and we chat even more, and I feel about 15 years old. There's a party tomorrow night and he might be there, and a night out to Notts on Friday that I know he's coming to, so...

I never get 'the feelings' for anyone these days, and I really hope it was 'the feelings' and not 'the drunkeness'.

And if it doesn't work out, according to Bran, I should be shagging Lunatic.....