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Friday, March 4

Giant eye, anyone??

I should not be allowed to own a webcam. I was messing around with Rach on msn last night, we were taking photos of really obscure stuff. I accidently put a giant picture of my eye as my desktop background and then frightened myself when I closed all my windows. I would put it on here but god knows how, I've got that hello thing but it never lets me log in. If anyone wants to experience my steely glaze and other random objects in my room, let me know and I could email it to you. Is that weird? I think it is. I shouldn't offer randoms photos of my eye, what am I thinking?! Perhaps I should email it to Lydia of purple (who I will mention in every blog!)Should I email her a pic of my underwear drawer and ask her to save me by sending some apple-catchers? That is quite odd. Okay I'm going to stop now.

What else? I appear to be spreading my filthy interpretation of the English language all over America, it's really weird. I have brought you 'fittie', and on Branshine's blog (I've linked her somewhere down there, go say hi) I brought great excitement by using the word 'tosser', a word which I have used for many years now to describe my brother, my Dad and other males who like to cause me grief.

Speaking of tossers, the Jew (you can read about him in earlier posts, I can't be arsed to link them all) has been fervently texting, date on Monday night he thinks. I'm quite looking forward to it, have not spoken properly to anyone for days cuz I've got the lergy, and he's quite yum. Although he can be a bit of a knobsack at times (there's another new word for you...).

I'm experiencing extreme disdain towards CMF who will not stop with the early morning gangsta rap! I made some bread last night and I could see her eyeing it up, thinking what she could eat it with. She would not leave the kitchen, so I couldn't hide it and ended up keeping it in my room.

I don't really have a lot to say today, am feeling a bit meurgh. I can hear the rain/snow/shit outside and it is not a happy sound. Ick. Have been amusing myself with googling Mr GB (see below) and fiddling about with my template (did you notice?). Okay, I'll be back later when I something useful to say.