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Saturday, March 19

From the ghetto of Leeds to ....the ghettos of a small town in rural England?!

So last night was the first night everyone was back from Uni, and as usual we all went to our small-town local. We started off having such a fun night, I was out with 3 really good friends, and there were loads of people from our year there as well. There were a number of traumatising incidents- ex boyfs feeling the need to talk to me, Jake (sauna boy) feeling the need to smaile and say hi, Amy (slut in the year above me) feeling the need to tell eveyone she's going to be a page 3 girl. I got so pissed there was no need to ex text- the pub contained all my ex boyfs, free for me to harrass them all.

So the town where I live is really middle class, lots of rich parents with too much money, and as a result, loads of kids are on drugs. They did a survey in yr 10 at school, and 90% of students had done weed at some point, by yr 13, 30% had done class A drugs (this is very high for a non- inner city school). So quite a few people were pilled-up, but we are used to this. It's quite funny really, you walk in and everyone's drinking from water bottles. If you didn't notice their eyes are purple, you'd think the young people of this town are not drunken, drugged up fools.

So about 10:30 these police come into the pub. We expected them to just check everyone's ID, which is what they normally do, as probably half the people in the pub are under 18, but they have police dogs, so we're like 'what the.....'. I mean really, we're in Sherwood Forest, not the Bronx. So everyone gets IDd and checked for drugs, then a guy in my year, Ben gets caught trying to escape. They get there guns out (yes GUNS) and pin him to the floor and arrest him and all his friends. Turns out they had a whole ton of drugs on them. So everone kinda leaves early, little bit confused. Then, outside the pub, this souped- up Peugeot 206 flys by, and I know that's my mate Dave's car. Then a police car flys by, with sirens and that. And they block him off- Starsky and Hutch style. We really had nothing to say by this point and decide to just continue drinking at my house, the conversation in the car went something like this:

(2 mins of silence)
Jax- They drugs-busted the Rodney.
(30 secs of silence)
Jax- Guys! They had a drugs bust IN OUR LOCAL.
Ali- They arrested Ben.... V he's your ex.
Sophia- Yeah V, you're hard core now.
V- Soph your ex got chased by a bloody police car!
Jax- You don't get it, we live in the countryside!
Ali- I was aware of that, idiot. Will they come back tomorrow you think?
V- Does this make me and Soph bad people?
Jax- Do we dare go out in Nottingham now?
Sophia- God can there be more drugs in Nottingham than there are here?
Ali- Not even Colombia has more Coke than here.
V- Really, am I a ho for having a gangster ex?
(30 secs of silence)
Jax- God they drugs-busted the Rodney...
(everyone nods in acknowledgement)
Soph- why am I sat on a wine bottle?

So I take back everything I said about small towns, maybe they aren't so boring....

On a another note, I couldn't get to the gym today, cuz some moron left his cow in the road, causing a traffic queue for a mile. Who forgets a cow?