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Monday, March 28

Dinner with the mafia and the hottest kiss EVER.

Yesterday was Easter, right? Personally I'm not so big on Easter, when I was a kid it was all about the chocolate and these days it's about Easter weekend and how many all-dayers I can fit into it. Reading other people's blogs, Easter seems to be taken a lot more seriously in America than it is here. People in the UK have no sense of family at all.

So yesterday I went out for a pub lunch with my Mum, my brother, my Mum's friend, my Mum's boyfriend and his family. It started off okay, my Mum got into a bit of a mardy about me drinking- in her eyes I haven't turned 18 yet, I am a mere 12 in her eyes I think.

Me and my brother refer to Mum's boyfriend's Dad as The Godfather. He is the dodgiest man in Europe. He is very rich through some very ellusive 'business' and frightens the crap out of me. I'm convinced he's in the mafia.

My Mum is a person who has obviously never had a shitty job in a restaurant or a shop. Her manner towards waitresses is actually painful to watch. I always go with her to order food at the bar because she is so horrible. So yesterday the waitress comes over and first asks The Boyfriend what he wishes to eat. My Mum answers for him- what is she, his mother?

'Can you do him a green salad?'
'Yeah with lettuce and that?'
'Yes but he will only eat green food today'
'Right, any dressing?'
'Can you do an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing?'
'Erm we don't have that, see we do pub lunches, it's only what we have on the menu, we have salad cream'
'Salad cream is mayonaise for poor people'
'Well I'm sorry, but like I said we're only a small pub'
'Do you have any sardines in a tin?'
'I did mention that it's only really what's on the menu'

See what I have to deal with? This went on and on, she requested camenbert cheese, rocket, caviar and all manner of foods that you just don't get in pubs. I thought the waitress was going to cy, I felt so bad for her.

The Godfather smoked so many Marlboro Reds that I have an eye infection today from sitting next to him. He kept blowing smoke in my face and my left eye is completely red and swollen today. What a twat.

So after all that I went on a double date with James, and my friend who's going out with his brother. It was so nice, I got quite drunk on wine but I could talk to him forever and once again there was the hottest kiss I think I've ever had in my life. He pushed me up against the wall outside the pub, and just, wow. It made my legs go all weak and it was just amazing. I have never been kissed like that before.