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Thursday, March 3

And this is what I mean by fit...

Hey! Gael Garcia Bernal, so, er.... hows it going?
Hmmm, thats not the greatest pic of you, is it? Doesn't really show how cute you are, not that I'm looking at your face there to be honest....
This ones better. Can I call you Gael?

Now you are all sorts of fine and if there is any sense of right in this world I should be Mrs GB. We're so alike, I'm also Latin American, and we can pretend my British father doesn't exist if you like. My Mum would be chuffed if I married a fellow Latino. I've inherited her body, if you know what I mean and I think you do. I can shake it with the best of them down at the local dancehall club. No? Well, you're an actor and I've been in a few school plays. I've got all your films. Even the one where you're dressed as a woman and the one where you have sex with a guy.

Well I'll leave you to think about it, I can always hang with
Lydia of Purple if you don't wanna make Latin babies with me. Ok then, thanks for your time. Kisses......