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Thursday, March 10

All my bad dates captured in cyberspace forever...

I needed last night! It was so much fun, and we played barrier! However, I am a little disappointed that my alcohol tolerance, that I've worked so hard on, is back to what it was when I first started drinking, but never mind. I went to the pub with Clare and Martin in the end. The entire conversation revolved around Martins friends, and the fact that both me and Clare have each dated one of his mates. He reckons that gives him 'privileges' to our friends. It does not!

And so the inevitable 'ex texting' began. This happens to many women when they are drunk. For some reason, god knows why, you think it would be a great idea to ex-text. I'm first, as I am the most drunk. My text reads- 'Yo bitch! I'm on all-dayer with M and C, just saying hi. Y ddnt u call me u flaming assrag? I'm pissed! x x x'. I don't normally talk like this. I don't even like the guy anymore. It's just seems impossible to get drunk and not harrass a guy you once dated.

So Clare joins in on the ex-text action, the guy she last dated was only after sex, and her text reads- 'In pub. Drunk. Call me. Clare.' I had to send it for her because the alcohol made her fingers stop working. By the end of the night, everyone knows each others latest secrets, and we've made plans to go out over easter. Then I am suddenly informed there's pictures of me on the internet. I'm like 'Come again?', but Clare informs me that some (evil and sadistic) website takes pictures of your nights out and posts them on the net. Worse, there are pictures of me with Martin's previously mentioned friend.

So I rush home, and we get straight on my laptop, I'm almost in tears by this point. So this 'website' does indeed have pictures of me. We go through all the archives and theres loads! However, I'm thrilled to discover that many contain my friends looking unfortunately like this. But I am horrified to discover many, many, of my exs/dates are there as well! I actually can't believe that they're all there. On one website. They are old-boyfriend photos you can't rip up as they are captured in cyberspace forever!

So I'm debating putting them up here, as they are hilarious, but I look wasted, and I don't want anyone to see me wasted. But I feel you should feel my pain by seeing just how many exs they could get on one website. Its scary. And my friends look like Courtney Love!

Oh, and I found one of fittie James, except he doesn't look so fit in the photo. And he found me playing barrier (see below) and I was drunk. It was only 8pm. So I think I've blown my chances there...