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Sunday, March 27

About Friday night.

The time- 6pm Saturday
The place- my bed

My phone is ringing, I pick up:

Me: Yes?
Rach: Oh my god you're still in bed?
Me: Noooooo....
Rach: You lazy bitch! Were you out last night?
Me: Yeahhhh
Rach: Did you go to Quilted Llama?
Me: Yeah we went round all the Lace Market bars.
Rach: So it was you then.
Me: Huh?
Rach: My friends saw you practically shagging some guy on the stairs in Quilted Llama, said it looked like you.
Rach: And I said 'Oh thats the girl I'm living with next year'.
Rach: Did you sleep with him?
Me: NO! He was a hot kisser though, mmm he was nice Rach.
Rach: You musta been so pissed.
Me: I drank a child's paddling pool's worth of booze. We had fishbowls.
Rach: Was it James, I take it you were kissing him?
Me: Yeah it was hot, he's yum.
Rach: So what else hapenned?
Me: Theo got arrested for pissing on council property, I was loving the old school.... sorry Rach I'm just so hungover.
Rach: What you doing later?
Me: Oh I'm going to the pub....
Rach: You gonna see him again?
Me: Yeah he's been texting me and we're going out this week. Like grown ups!
Rach: Oh cool!
Me: Yeah.... okay I need sleep Rach.....