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Wednesday, March 16

4 weeks.

I'm going home tomorrow for the Easter holidays. I just realised it will be the longest time I've spent at home since July, and I'm starting to panic. 4 weeks. Will I be able to handle my mother for 4 weeks? I think not. Prior to July, we had a somewhat tumultuous relationship, and me not being in the house seemed to remedy that. Okay, so I'll be working, and out with my friends, I may even venture to see my Dad, but I'll still be stuck in the house for 4 weeks, and not even the thought of my holiday makes me feel better.

Today I realised something awful. Rach asked me about my love life, to which I replied I think I may have forgotten how to have sex, it has been that long. This is mainly because of this virus I've had, but still. Then Rach kindly pointed out I will not pull anyone at home, because I know everyone there, and Notts men are all twats. For example, Rach's ex sent her a text today saying he wishes she was dead. The last Notts guy I went out with turned up at my end of term party and smirked at me all night.

I'm beginning to think I repell men in some way. I cannot remember the last great guy I went out with. Am I hideous? You've seen my eye, I'm not hideous am I? I tell you, if Bran holds this bloggers ball and the men are fit...