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Friday, February 25

Your girl is lovely Hubble...

Seeing an old boyfriend can be a number of things. I've found it funny, scary, sad and most recently, intensely relieving. I saw my ex in a pub today and I don't know what he's doing here, as I live quite a while away from our home town. I asked him what the hell he was doing here, and apparantly he's here for 'a night out'. Whatever.

I'm just so angry that he's here, he reminds me of the past and I don't need it. It was always a very tumultuous relationship, on and off for about 19 months. We used to disagree on everything, it was one of those relationships you look back at and wonder what the hell you were thinking. It's not that I regret it, I just don't know why the hell I stuck with him. He was racist, and I myself am half Latin American. He believed students were 'tax dodgers'. He could be so arrogant at times. He went on holiday to Magaluf every year just to get drunk. He had never read a book in his life.

Anyway, I mentioned one day how I intend to live and work abroad and he went off on one, asking me what was so wrong with England, and then said he never wanted to leave our hometown. He was already pissed cuz he knew I was going to uni quite far away, and cuz I was going to South America for six weeks that summer. So I ended it then, telling him I couldn't bear the thought of staying in one town for the rest of my life. There is a whole world out there!

So, later that night I saw him again, kissing some girl. I walked past and said hello, and, I'm not joking, he covered this girl's face up and glared at me. I felt so bad for that poor girl! I came home and watched single girl films, starting with 'The Way We Were'. My ex is no Hubble but I couldn't help but smile when Barbra Streisand said that line...