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Thursday, February 24

What is it about men?

The Jew just texted me being all 'Hey, u out 2nite? not seen you in ages!'. That because you never ring me! AAAAHHH why do guys insist? So I replied, politely informing him that no, I would not be out because: 1. I am ill. 2. I am broke. If he had taken the time to contact me once in a while he would know this!

So I'm quite excited about this job, it's at a fairly posh bar in town, and I had a very amusing conversation with the manager. Apparantly where I live is 'a ghetto', my course is 'not the future really is it?', and I start next week. They were doing speed dating when I went, which was a fairly tragic sight. Like a big cattle market. All the 30-somethings with their white wine spritzers trying to get laid.

Oooooooh, the Jew just texted me saying he wants to come over and 'nurse me'. Why didn't I do my essay earlier?! And Younger guy is also texting congratulating me on my job.....hehehe.