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Monday, February 21

A weekend obsessed with skanks.

Oh my god, I've never been so happy IN MY LIFE to have a Monday. All my wussy friends went home to see their parents this weekend so I spent Thursday until Sunday alone in my room with fa to do. I think my laptops going to explode cuz I havn't turned it off for about 5 days. I havn't opened my curtains. I have spent 4 days in my pyjamas. I have seen every episode ever of Sex And The City. Me and my friend spent Saturday night on msn to each other amusing ourselves with websites about how skanky Britney is.

When I was a little girl I did not imagine my glamourous uni life would be spent mainly in bed. What happened to the fabulous all night parties? The gorgeous men? The oh-so-fun friends? No. It's all a big lie. Like when my Dad told me all my spots would go away when I turned 16. Did they go away? Did they f*ck!

It's so nice to finally leave my flat. I made everyone on msn fall out with me cuz I was in such an arsey mood. There was one fairly amusing incident though. My friend Jamie is friends with a girl called Zoe. At school she was known as 'Zoe The Skank' or 'Ho-y Zoe'. She is an eyesore on the face of this earth and makes me want to spontaneously vomit. No-one really likes her and in the pub in sixth form everyone used to point and laugh, or sometimes just point and say 'erghhhhh!'. She always had her tits out and was loud and annoying. She woud go for a night out and pass out. Every time. She was a skank. She would steal people's boyfriends, spread rumours, just do anything that would ensure her unpopularity.

Anyhow, sorry for ranting. Jamie came online and mentioned he'd been out with her. 'Is she still a skank?' I asked, 'How does the sight of her not fill you with nausea?'. He was offended but I just couldn't stop. 'She's a pile of skank', I went on, 'She dresses like a whore, she has killed all her ex-boyfriends with her stinking rotten vagina!'. I then went on about how she is a modern-day Medusa, tainting all that know her with her skank. Jamie blocked me and we have not spoken since. This is what being alone for 4 days did to me! For no reason whatsoever, I felt the need to rant. And rant. And rant. Like I said, THANK GOD it is Monday. I need a drink in one hand and a fit man in the other. And soon.