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Wednesday, February 23

Still unemployed.....still ill....

I actually got up for my seminar this morning and tried taking the 'shortcut' my friend suggested to me. Got lost and missed it. I can't believe I got lost, I'm so stupid. Then, headed towards the union and ran into someone who I may potentially add to my list of guys I am 'seeing'. I call him The Comedian, he's really lovely and funny, met him doing same play where I met The Jew, they're friends actually. Anyway, he was all 'Hey V!!! Where you been? How are you?' and I got a kiss on the cheek, which was rather lovely. So told him about my illness and my poverty and he said we should go out for a drink when I've sorted stuff out. So I have a lovely glowing feeling now. Trouble is, he doesn't have my number so he'll have to ask The Jew, which would serve that bastard right for NEVER calling me. Hehehe.

I went into the uni jobcentre which was a complete waste of time. The girl in there was totally useless and all the jobs are for call centres. Anyone want to employ me? It doesn't really matter, if I dont get evicted I'll be thrown out of uni for never going to my classes in the first place.