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Thursday, February 24

Slightly less single.

Ok, my essay is due in at 5. I still have not started it, and I have to go to a seminar at 1. Hmmm. Went to see my personal tutor who was very understanding about the whole glandular fever business. He said 'Don't worry about it, it's only your first year. It's all about getting through, your second year is where it starts to matter.' As from now I intend to do NO work, and I have the blessing of my personal tutor!

So the Jew came over last night, he brought pizza and ice cream, which was lovely. It's always nice when guys remember their brain is not in their trousers. And he's coming over later tonight as well, with dvds. My friends won't go anywhere near me cuz apparantly I'm just a big germ right now, so it' nice to have someone treat me like an actual person again. I do like being single, but it's nice to be a slightly less single sometimes, and the Jew is rather fit as well.

My friend told me to go on
this for chav related entertainment, if you're not from the UK, it won't make a lot of sense. The bit where you can name your chav baby is especially good.

Flatmate next door is playing 80s pop very loud, which is grating a little on my tolerance levels. Have put on Duran Duran, two can play at the playing-80s-pop-to-annoy-flatmates game.

Ok, who thinks I should just hand the essay in tomorrow at the expense of 5 marks and the excuse of being ill?