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Thursday, February 24

Men. What is wrong with you?

I'm not hideous or stupid, I have quite nice boobs and I can have intelligent conversations. I'm not needy and I don't pressure guys to get serious. I don't sleep around and I'm not looking to commit, but might be persuaded by the right guy. I have never asked the Jew to be my boyfriend and I never ring him up when drunk promising him a 'good time' as a girl in a similar position may do. So why is he behaving like a total prick?

I knew my short release from the pyjama-wearing, ice cream-eating, cattle-market world that is single wouldn't last long. I need something explaining to me:

You are a man, otherwise known as the Jew. You spent last night with your friend V, who you're kinda seeing and she is ill. You had a nice time last night, and cheered her up and you said you would see her the next night. However, you have now texted her, after she has told her mother not to come see her because she is busy, telling her you are going out for your friend's birthday. She didn't hand an essay in today because she was with you last night. Surely you would have known about this birthday, or if you don't want to see her you could have just said so. Either way she is confused. Why would you behave in such an odd manner?