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Sunday, February 20

A little about me....

I've been thinking about doing a blog for quite some time now as my life seems to amuse those closest to me, not necessarily a good thing, but. So.... a little about me. Hmmm. I'm a student, I'm 19, female, straight, single, enjoys a drink or 5, I like my music, I like my men.... Nothing out of the ordinary.

I like:
  • Dancing. A lot.
  • Cocktails. Especially mojitos. Mmmm.
  • 80s films. Especially ones involving cocktails and dancing....
  • Holidays.
  • Shoes.

I don't like:

  • My mother when she feels the need to call me and acts like being single is a crime.
  • My hair (most days).
  • Certain Malaysian flatmates who steal my milk and spoons.
  • Being late.
  • Short men.

The bane of my life right now is a Certain Malaysian Flatmate (hereby CMF) . I would use her name, but no-one knows how to spell it or pronounce it so it's CMF. Actually, she's the bane of everyones life. I live with 4 girls- R, a control freak who doesn't drink, smoke, go out or have sex. She is in fact, a nun. Then there's L, slightly gothy, horrendous taste in men, and Z, who likes to start fights and makes amusing scathing remarks. Yes, CMF is the bane of our lives. She steal ice cream from R, milk from L and chicken from Z. She has extremely loud conversations with her relatives at 4 am and she smells kinda strange.

She appeared one day after our fun first flatmate left. We came home one day to find our fridge crammed with boxes containing foul green stuff. And our nice roomy kitchen was home to a plethora of boxes. My dislike began on her third day here. I had made a large loaf of bread (I like to cook) and I told everyone to try a bit. Now this wasn't your average sized piece of bread. No. It was the size of a small child, it took over the oven. It was bread of epic proportions. So off i went to my room, returned to the kitchen and half of it had gone. In puzzlement I asked L, she didn't know. Then CMF wandered in and I asked her if she had eaten my bread. 'Yeah', she replied. 'The whole mfing half a piece?' 'Yeah you told me to try a bit'. I glared. And glared. And so my hatred began.

Another, lesser, bane of my life is men. I'm currently 'seeing' and I use that word in the loosest way possible, the following men:

  • The Jew. I met him doing a play last year. Tall, dark, good looking, good, er, skills.... After telling me he was 'confused', he stood me up on New Years Eve, when I was on the opposite side of the country and had to sleep in a train station. Then we had a little date 3 weeks ago and stuff, erm, happened....
  • The Younger Guy. Very sweet, met last summer, fell out with me for going to uni but we are now talking via messenger. We'll see with this one.
  • The Older Guy. Fit financial advisor I met some weeks ago back home. I think he's too old for me but could have some fun.
  • The Ginge. My first ginge! Friend of a friend. Walked into my friends flat last week to find it full of men, he was my favourite. Sweet guy, nice body, lots of fun.

I guess I do quite well for a single girl, sometimes. I've had some horrendous dates. There was The Gangster with gold teeth and a tattoo on his stomach saying 'Thug Life' who turned up and asked me the value of everything in my room. There was Little Man who I met sitting down. I'm only 5'3" and he turned up the next day and was a mere 5'. I actually ran away from that one. Although, amusingly, he pulled my friend Soph some weeks later. She was all like 'ooooh i met this guy, his parents are spanish and he does biology. But hes kinda short'. I was like 'noooooooooooooooooooo escape!'. The guy asked if he could kiss me for god's sake! When she saw him the next week she was almost sick on her shoes. Ick!

I do have a lot of fun though. I have the most wonderful friends. Rach, Jen, Ash, Clare and Soph are the ones I spend most of my time with. Jen and Ash are together and make the rest of us nauseous with comments such as 'I don't mind swallowing. Ash tastes nice'. You don't wanna know what our response to that one was. I've got a house for next year, with my friends. We decided on a No-Sex-Outside-Bedrooms rule. Jen and Ash's reponse? 'Awwwww..... but there's a bath!'. They are possibly the only thing that makes me thank god, ten times, that I'm single and will never repulse anyone with my love of my boyfriends cum.