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Sunday, February 27

The inappropriate boyfriend and the asshat flatmate.

So I'm back from home, was pretty uneventful. Car journey was every bit as painful as I imagined it would be. Boyfriend every bit as painful as I imagined he would be. Little brother as painful... you get the idea. I just spend two lovely days sat on our sofa (How much have I missed the sofa? I'd completely forgotten how nice they are!) watching sky digital, catching up on my tv. Lots of nice food as well.

Well I say nice food, but only after I persuaded the Boyfriend that no, I didn't want sushi. I hate raw fish and it's probably not good for someone with glandular fever. It's probably not good for anyone, in fact. Last night the tv was cruelly removed from me for 6 hours of bollywood fun. He told me after seeing these films he wants to learn Hindi so he doesn't have to read the subtitles. I just know he's going to join some cult, or some obscure religion, like Jainism, or Kaballah (Kabollocks if you ask me...). Sorry if this is offending anyone, but I can't stand faddy people.

So I got home earlier, and flatmate next door informed me that someone, (and by someone we meant CMF) left the cooker on while my tray was on it. Now why would someone turn a cooker on while someone's tray was quite obviously on it? Only a complete asshat would do that! She must have it in for me, probably cuz I haven't bought any nice food recently that she can steal. I cannot express how much I dislike her, she is the very embodiment of everything I dislike. She drinks Sunny D, which is just a bottle of orange chemicals, she cooks everything in the microwave, and she is inappropriate and noisy.

I had to fill the biggest form when I applied for accomodation, I had to tell them everything, like what time I went to bed, what music I liked, how tidy I was, etc. I remember thinking they must work really hard to make sure everyones really similar in the flat. But no, I have nothing in common with any of my flatmates, CMF doesn't even speak our language. The other flatmates think I'm common and northern, and apparantly I'm scum for not having gone to a private school. I think communal living with strangers sucks. I need something really mean to do to CMF when we leave in June...