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Tuesday, February 22

I'm so poor it's not even funny anymore!

I just wrote a post and apparantly there was an error so I have to write the ENTIRE thing again. How annoying.

Well, that's made my day of bad things hapenning to me a lot worse. First I was awoken at 830am by CMF playing dancehall music. Now I have nothing against dancehall, I've been known to shake it to a bit of Sean Paul on more than one occasion. But at 830 it is NOT welcome. I do not appreciate being awoken by Elephant Man telling me to 'shake that booty'.

Then, I had my blood test this morning with the meanest nurse. There was no 'hello, hows your mother?' or nice chit-chat. She literally rammed the needle into my arm and told me to come back in a week for the results. What is wrong with uni nurses? Do they have no people skills? It's been more than six hours since the injection and my arm still feels like someone stabbed it earlier. Hell, someone did stab it earlier, that is the last time I let some fat northern nurse called Tracey anywhere near me with a needle.

The other bad thing is a litlle more bad. I am actually so poor now that I want to cry (more). Basically, I have so little money in my account that I cannot pay my rent. I started to cry when I read my bank statement. The post room guy looked quite frightened. And I owe Rach £250 from the deposit on our house and I know she wants it soon. I feel physically sick knowing this information. I cannot ask my Mother cuz she travelled halfway up the bloody country to buy my medicine and give me an earful about where the hell my overdraft has gone. I'm going for a job interview later, so hopefully I'll have it all sorted soon. IfI don't pay up by March 9th they'll add another £20 on. I'm just going to have to live on the 10kg bag of pasta under my bed. And wash my hair with Persil. Ill, and poor. It's not looking good!

On a happier note, I went to a seminar today and made valuable contributions. I got a 'bonus point' from my tutor for knowing when the first dictionary was published, and made several comments that he called 'excellent'. However, the oddest thing hapenned in class. We were asked to read 4 lines each from a poem written in Middle English, which everyone found really funny, but actually quite useful. Apart from one girl. Who started to cry when she it was her turn. She said she didn't want to do the silly Middle English accent. I'm not being mean or saying it was funny, but it was just so random. I do believe it is the strangest thing I've ever seen in a seminar.

I look like the saddest thing right now, I can't be bothered to cook and am eating cold sweetcorn from the tin, clutching my bank statement. So apart from a lack of money, job, and a sympathetic parent, I'm great. Oh, and I'm still single. Even better.