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Friday, February 25


I'm really not getting any better. I hate being ill. I miss cocktails and I would kill for a strawberry mojito. I'm not hungry anymore, and I'm one of those rare females who is not afraid of food (I have friends who will only eat salads when in public). I feel sick when I eat anything. I've lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks being ill, and I feel really weak.

So, I'm going home tomorrow, my mother thinks it's a little depressing that I'm just sat in my room, ill and alone, and she's not wrong. So she will get the train here and drive me home in my car. I'm so worried, I hate it when she drives my car. You see, my car is a lot smaller and older than her's with a considerably smaller engine. It's quite rural at home, with a lot of little villages that have a 30mph limit. She insists on driving at a constant 45mph, I've seen her go straight past 30mph signs with no sense of recognition at all, and then pisses everyone off by going stupidly slow on a perfectly straight bit of empty road. The other thing it that she has no grasp of how the gears work in my car. She just doesn't change gear. She will be driving at about 35mph in 2nd gear, and the car sounds like it's about to explode and I end up screaming 'Will you change the fucking gear?!' and we fall out.

I should mention my mother's boyfriend, who I have multiple issues with. He's Spanish, which isn't an issue, my mother's Venezuelan so I can see why they would be attracted. But he is mad. Actually crazy. He doesn't work, just lives off his parents money and spends all day at home irritating my brother, and me when I'm there. He makes really odd food and insists on eating EVERYTHING with chopsticks, he's always topless, and is really into Bollywood films, which he watches late at night with the volume really high. There are many other strange things about him, but I don't want to go into it right now. All I will say is that my friends don't believe he's for real, they think we are the recipient of some cruel reality tv style joke. I just don't know how I will cope this weekend. Any ideas?