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Monday, February 21

I have glanduar fever and my mother is coming to see me.

I went to the doctors today. My tonsils have been nastily swollen for two weeks now. I got a nasty letter from the Spanish dept saying I've got to go explain myself. With a doctors note. So off I went. The doctor was lovely, although confused as to why I'd allow myself to have tonsils the size of golf balls for two weeks. He felt my neck and said he was sure I had glandular fever. I wanted to cry. Glandular fever!!!! That's not fun.

I go for my blood test tomorrow. What's quite sad is that he gave me a prescription for antibiotics, and I can't get them because I've spent all my money!

So told my mother about all the palava and she insisted on driving up. With my brother as well, so I'm trying to make my room look like a room and not like Beirut. No doubt she will make some snide comment about how unsafe it is to park the car where I live, before going for dinner in an obscenely posh restaurant, like I need reminding how poor I am.

My mother and glandular fever in one day. What exactly is it that I'm being punished for?!