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Tuesday, February 22

'Do Something!' No, please don't......

I'm so poor I just walked a very long way in the snow to a bar in town, just to give a very unenthusiastic someone my cv. Cute barman though.

Anyway, I stopped in at my friends house on the way back, and my friend has a tv, a license, and sky digital, which is very exciting for me as I have none of those things and I havn't watched tv since christmas. Which is obviously a good thing because tv is not good! I put on mtv and enjoyed catching up until Britney's video for 'Do Something' came on. I do realise this has been out for quite some time now, but oh my god the video!!!!

First, her trousers/shorts/capris/jeans, what the hell are they? Then the odd car in the sky thing, which is indeed odd. And her hair! Does she ever wash it? Or at least brush it? And the song is just her yelping as far as I could hear. I was so frightened by the whole thing I felt I had to say something.

Has anyone else been traumatised by this?